Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My mornings go a little like this.....

So, this morning wasn’t unlike most mom’s mornings (minus the specifics) before school and the race to work…. Those mornings are hectic and fast paced for everyone (well, not my children, they move slower than a turtle stuck in peanut butter…. But for all mom’s out there)

Here is a run down of how my day started:
  • Rise & shine it’s 5:30 am and time to start the day!
  • Spend couple peaceful moments to myself, the standard: bathroom, wash face, check out social media & the weather channel (which ruined my day “Feels like 7”… you’ve got to be kidding!), do makeup, and pick out my work clothes (let’s be honest this is the easiest part of my day, I only have to choose whether or not I want long sleeve or short….. I wear jeans and orange everyday. #uniform #MakesLifeEasy).
  • Go to let the dogs out and our lovely mamma dog who is fully house broken has taken a giant dump and peed 5 gallons on the floor. Perfect, just what I wanted to do at 6 am.
    • Time to whip out the carpet cleaner
  • Now that that’s taken care of it is time to take care of (i.e. clean up more messes) and feed the 8 adorable puppies.
    •  Insert me sitting on the ground for a good 15 minutes just playing with the little fur balls!!
  • 6:30ish- kiddos come alive and demand milk and breakfast… now let’s be real I didn’t slave over a hot breakfast but they did get homemade muffins with their fresh cereal.
  • Immediately start hounding them to hurry up & eat “we can’t be late today” (I say that almost everyday and it gets me nowhere, you’d think I’d learn)
  • Start load of laundry and nicely fold throw onto my bed load from the dryer and start dish washer now that turtles have finished their cereal. 
    • Sure, I could skip these chores in the AM but they are there when I get home so it makes me a happier person to get things started.
  • Insert, “get dressed now” discussion
  • As I am hanging up clothes on drying rack I get attacked by a ninja with his sword. Thank you Leonardo, now go potty and brush your teeth.
  • Thank the lord Kailee is old enough that I don’t have to bug her 100x to get dressed.
  • Help Kailee brush out her hair and remind her to brush her teeth.
  • “Pate! Go to the bathroom before you pee on the floor!...... now!  I am turning off Mickey…..”
  • Start packing lunches, all homemade items uncrustable & lunchables were on the menu today. 

  • My lovely husband calls me to remind me that since I failed to plug in the truck (oh diesels in the Midwest winter!) I should go outside right now and start it. 
    • At this point I was not in the mood to be “told” what to do, in his defense he was trying to be helpful but I was not too friendly in my response. Sorry Hubs!
  • “Pate, did you wash your hands? Nope? Go back in. and put some clothes on” I swear, 3 year old boys think being naked is the best!
  • Run outside in the “feels like 7 degree” weather to start the truck… it started right up! (Praise the Lord!) and feed the cats.
  • Oh geez… crying kid “Kailee, what’s wrong?”  She wanted to play with the puppies but I cleaned the whelping box & put the puppies back before she was up.  I explain to her that we were going to be late so she needs to wake up earlier if she wants to play with the puppies before school. Which only led to more crying because I didn’t tell her to set her alarm…… really kid? Stop it.
  • Okay, everyone is dressed… “jackets & gloves on!"
    • 10 minute prep to get jackets zipped, gloves, hats & shoes on. Only to have to take Pate’s jacket off when actually getting his in his car seat.  What a pain in the ass that is.  I get it, he is safer (which is why I do it) but it’s not fun to stand in 10 degree weather to get his jacket off and then back on when we arrive at our destination. #ImissTheDesert
  • “Pate, did you ever wash your hands?” Ugh, come on lets go.
  • Okay, get your bags, it’s time to go!
  • Do the drop off with both kids and race to work because my 15 minute reminder just went off for a meeting I thought was 45 minutes away. Shit, I'm gonna be late.
  • Pull in the parking lot with 5 minutes to get inside to my office, change shoes, fill my coffee cup and make it to the basement to the meeting.
  • Walk in the door and literally one of my employees is there bombarding me with questions that I already answered yesterday!  #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat
  • Make it to the training with 2 minutes to spare, take a deep breath and start the day.
  • The training was actually pretty good and I was actually enjoying it….. when my phone rings
    •  “Mrs. Tuttle, this is the school nurse….. Kailee is in here and….”
  • I slowly gather my belongings and walk out of the conference room.
  • The thought "Well, I guess this morning was a waste" crosses my mind has a start up the truck again. 

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